Inaugural Poem For A Fake President

He plows into town, like a spray-tanned gator,
Each word from his mouth, the word of a hater.
He tweets and he whines, and never shuts his trap,
It’s gotta go somewhere, all that backed up crap.

With a barreled out chest, and face like a flare,
Little tiny fingers, and really weird hair,
He huffs and he puffs, and claims he’ll drain the swamp,
But he’s much too like, the punk who wrote Mein Kampf.

Says hacking didn’t matter to his great big win,
That his opponent was flawed, not superb like him.
Cause he is number one, the best there ever was,
The proof came at rallies, when he spunked from applause.

He loves to cast insult, to mock and put down,
Yet his own skin’s thinner than a see-thru gown.
Swaggers boasts lies, and super duper pushy
Stay clear of his reach, he grabs by the pussy.

We’re ready to resist, this threat to our nation,
And at the right time perform solemn castration.
He’s a load of malarkey, so full of bullshit,
He isn’t White-House-ready, just a lewd misfit.

Suckin all up to the gangster named Putin
Peas in a pod who love shootin and lootin,
Shallow evil men, but it hardly matters,
They have each other, to endorse and flatter.

He loads up his cabinet, with crooked billionaires,
Then curses like a sailor, to show he has no airs.
So lets be very clear, that money is his culture,
He’d make a better leader for a flock of vultures.

Says it all be gettin great with the building of a wall
But the bookies are making a quite different call,
Like his airline and his school, and Atlantic City,
He’ll line his own pockets, and leave the country shitty.

Each day we shall defy, this menace to our planet,
He’ll never get a statue in marble or granite.
We’ll make sure his place in all the history books,
Is worst ever scoundrel, chief mogul of the crooks.