Many People Are Saying That Donald Trump Was Born In Moscow

It should come as no surprise that a conciliatory Hillary Clinton is behaving with courtesy and tact toward the president elect. Or that the outgoing president is preparing for a peaceful transfer of power. All of that is as it should be, given the history of our democracy. No matter that the Donald saw fit to keep us in suspense about how he would behave if he lost an election, which by definition, would have been rigged if he hadn’t won it. We’ve always expected Hillary and Barack to act like rational adults, and unsurprisingly, they have done so.

But none of that means that the rest of us need to be conciliatory or tactful. Rather, it’s time for a little Alt-Left action.

This madman’s takeover of the American government with the material support and overt blessings of a foreign power is something that we need to loudly resist from day one, and relentlessly pursue until the day we reclaim our sovereignty as a nation.

We must demand to see Trump’s original long form birth certificate, since many people are saying that he was born in Moscow instead of Queens, as he frequently claims without being very convincing.

Conspiracy theory, you see, is not something that you need to feel in your heart in order to use it as an effective tactic. Civil rights, living wages, women’s rights, healthcare, LGBT rights, global warming, freedom of religion, our history as a nation of immigrants, common civility, and truth itself have transformed into collateral issues for the winning of elections.

Unrelenting and deeply divisive rhetoric is what matters, and it is high time that the left start to hone its skills in that department.

The formula is fairly simple:

a grain of truth no matter how small +

bombastically boisterous hyperbole +

never ending shameless repetition

It is more important than ever for us to see Trump’s taxes, since many people are saying that until right before he announced his candidacy he was on the payroll of the Kremlin.

Let the investigations begin, let them multiply daily, and let them go on for the next four years, into the details of how he coordinated with foreign governments and hackers to compromise a U.S. election. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, but we’ll never know for sure unless we investigate and talk about it every single day.

The key, you see, is to delegitimize. And there are many more grounds for doing it than was ever the case with Barack Obama, who won the popular vote both times by wide margins without the overt assistance of any foreign powers. How could Hillary have won the popular vote and yet lost Pennsylvania? Many people are saying that Vladimir Putin invested millions in that outcome.

Nothing less than a special prosecutor will let us uncover the truth of how Trump surrogates plotted inside the FBI to encourage leaks and rebellion that decisively aided and abetted one candidate, the candidate promising free reign to racially and religiously profile.

By Wednesday morning the hashtag #NotMyPresident had been stapled to half a million tweets. Spontaneous protests erupted in dozens of major cities, even as Clinton and Obama were calling on us to give Trump a chance to unite and lead the country.

No thank you. Let not even people I respect speak to me of coming together as a nation or uniting behind this nutcase. We must fight from day one with every tool in the toolbox. That’s how it works from now on.

I’m sorry, when in coming years I keep calling him a madman or psychotic, if that makes you feel less secure. You are less secure, period. It is no time for denial. The actual menace will not become magically less if we pretend it is not there. When the Donald’s approval ratings sink into the teens and he’s wandering the halls of the White House tweeting at 3 am like Macbeth with a smartphone, no doubt the risks will be even greater. But letting him have a smooth path from the beginning would make things worse in the long run.

It is high time to tune out the chatter of mainstream pundits and their pointless polling apparatus, and never listen to them again.

Over and over they coached the madman about how to stay on message, stick to his opponent’s weaknesses, not show who he really was, set aside his vindictive nature and act like somebody else, somebody who might be perceived as more presidential.

Again and again they treated the election like no more than a sporting event, glibly suggesting better strategies that the campaign eventually adopted. The electionsportscasters utterly failed to face the reality that this was a struggle for the heart and soul of our nation.

Time after time they framed the vote as a choice between the lesser of two evils, even as the madman himself accused them of tipping their hand because they knew which candidate was more dangerous by ten thousand percent. Enough of all that. They are disgraced. I never want to hear any of their voices or see any of their faces again.

Rather, it’s time to take a page from the playbook of the Alt-Right, which is what finally put this election into the column of the candidate born in Moscow.

Because, you see, it doesn’t really matter if he was or wasn’t ┬áborn in Moscow instead of Queens, or if Vladimir Putin is his half-brother, even though many reliable sources are saying, and his behavior strongly suggests, that it’s almost certain.